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“Cherie Wheeler was employed with Builders’ Glass with the title of Account for several years. She has performed admirably in that position. However, her skills and contribution went beyond that title. Cherie’s knowledge of accounting was a valuable contribution to the company during her tenure.

During the period of time I worked with Cherie I witnessed her dedication and loyalty to the company. It was shown through her willingness to take on special projects, contribute to developing and improving company systems, and be a major contributor to creative thinking to assist the company in working through challenges.

A company’s greatest assets are its employees and Cherie is witness to that fact.”
Doug Viita, Managing Member, Builders’ Glass, LLC


I have been fortunate to work with several very good bookkeepers over the course of my career. Without a doubt, the best has been Cherie Wheeler, she has set the gold standard.

I worked closely with Cherie during my tenure at Builders Glass and very quickly came to appreciate her dedication and attention to detail to more than “just the books”. A proper title for Cherie would have had many more positions. She was bookkeeper, accountant, office manager and quite often, the controller. Cherie is without a doubt, one of the most conscientious and ethical people I have worked with. If she was not certain of the proper course to take on an issue, she always did the research to make sure it was done right, always looking for the best possible outcome for the company and presenting those options to us when there were any.

Be it payroll, AP, AR or just getting the best bang for the buck when buying toner for the printers, I believe Cherie to be a “one in a Million” type employee and more importantly, person. I am fortunate to have worked with her.

Greg Evans, Senior Project Manager, Bend Commercial Glass


I had the pleasure of meeting Cherie Wheeler a year and a half ago when she was working for Builders Glass. She needed some assistance transitioning many old paper Purchase Orders, Invoices and Order Confirmations into the new computer system. I was brought in to be that assistance.

Having retired from a career in Healthcare as an RN, I have to say I was like a fish out of water when assisting an Accountant/Bookkeeper. Cherie made that transition as seamless as possible.
Her teaching skills were excellent and she was extremely patient whenever I had questions; and I had lots of questions! Her attention to detail and accuracy made me confident that she was skilled in her job.

I worked with Cherie for about a year and during that time I witnessed the respect her co-workers had for her. She treated everyone fairly, going out of her way to offer assistance if needed. Her dedication was proven when she continued to remotely orient her replacement in the midst of her relocation out of state.

Cherie will be an asset to any company fortunate enough to employ her services.

Jody Albright – Contract Employee for Builders Glass- Denver, CO


“I have never had the pleasure of working with Cherie as my accountant, however, I’ve had the benefit of her wisdom and ethics for many years. Her consulting for me has always been top-notch and on point. She has always given me the best and most reliable advice available. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs them.”
Kathy McCabe, Hilltop Secretarial Service (The Hilltop Group, LLC)


“Cherie’s bookkeeping skills are top of the line.  She is highly conscientious and efficient in all her work.  I couldn’t imagine a better bookkeeper.”
Kim Kvaal, Assistant Vice President, University of San Francisco


“I’m excited to learn of Cherie Wheeler’s new service “A Virtual Bookkeeper”.  I was fortunate to have worked with Cherie at Regis University for many years and saw first-hand how knowledgeable and efficient she is as an accountant and bookkeeper.  Cherie never failed to make things simple and streamlined for me as I worked at maintaining our Athletic Department budgets at Regis University.  Her great personality combined with her technical knowledge made the task of budget management painless and easy for me.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who needs her services as a bookkeeper.  She’s the best!”
Barbara Schroeder, Director of Athletics, Regis University


“I have worked with Cherie for 7 years.  Cherie is an excellent bookkeeper, who is very detail oriented, knowledgeable, efficient and dependable. Cherie is a pleasure to have business with as she is very personable and friendly.   Cherie loves bookkeeping and for me it makes the difference. I would highly recommend Cherie as an outstanding bookkeeper.”
Marina Shevyakova, Manager, University Budget, Regis University


“I worked with Cherie for 6 years.  She is an excellent accountant.  Her work is perfection; she is very detail oriented.”
Melanie Mackintosh, CPA, Controller, Regis University